🔵How can I learn prompt engineering using this AI ?

S G 10:12 AM

One Suggestion would be

1) Create a Sub Personal AI in your AIs and call it your Learn Prompting AI

2) Then start to paste all of the Links, Pdfs, Websites, YouTube Videos that you can find on Learn Prompting = Example https://learnprompting.org into your Learn Prompting AI

3) Once you have Loaded all of the Information/Videos you can find as per Step 2 above, you would now have a Personal AI that will start to Teach You how to Learn How to Prompt based on all of the information you have Loaded into your Personal AI that you called Learn Prompting AI I am currently doing the same around **Learning How to Make Zapier Connections** and I have created a New Personal AI called Zapier AI I hope the above assists.

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