Personal AI Wiki

Personal.AI is revolutionizing the creator economy by empowering creators with the creative potential of AI, enabling them to regain control and establish a new paradigm.

What is Personal.AI? 🤔

Personal.AI is a digital extension of your mind, continuously learning from your personal knowledge and experiences, and mirroring your unique personality and style. Unlike conventional AI models owned by large corporations and built on public, generic data, Personal.AI offers you the opportunity to train, own, and use your unique AI.

How does it work? 🧠

Your Personal.AI learns from individual pieces of information you provide, known as "memory blocks", thereby creating a unique dataset. These memory blocks are stored in your "memory stack", where all your data is automatically structured for your Personal.AI models to train on. The more extensive your memory stack, the more your Personal.AI remembers about you.

How do you use Personal.AI? 🎮

Using Personal.AI is straightforward. Simply input information into the message bar and send it. Full sentences are automatically "stacked", or saved to your memory stack. As you interact with others, your AI organically learns more about your memories, ideas, opinions, and more. If you wish to bootstrap your AI and upload large pieces of content, you can send your AI a URL for articles, blogs, or Google documents (after integrating), or create a document and choose the data the content/data was curated.

What can you do with Personal.AI? 🎩

With Personal.AI, you can:
  • Message friends, family, and colleagues anywhere, anytime using AI Copilot (auto-draft) and AI Autopilot (auto-reply).
  • Expand your personal AI: Leverage Personal.AI integrations.
  • Engage in group chats with "Lounges".
  • Create unique AI Profiles for all your passions and areas of expertise.

What is your AI Domain? 🌐

Your AI domain is the address where you and others can interact with your Personal.AI. You can publicize your Branded Personal.AI page, and people can message you by visiting the domain. Users on a paid plan can customize the domain to their profile.
Note: This wiki is a work in progress. We will continue to add more detailed information about Personal.AI's features, including specific use cases and how to navigate the various settings. Please stay tuned for updates!
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